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Gifts For Nerds

In the category gifts for nerds you can find stuff for any nerd – personal as well as tailored to his interests and talents. The times you always had to present your special friends with gift cards are over. In the gifts for nerds section you’ll be finding extraordinary gift ideas that even your nerds with their fancy taste will like. Surprise yourself, because in the following top 10 you’ll find gifts that you wouldn’t have come up with.

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Top 10 Gifts For Nerds

10th Place

Coming in first, we have the Schrodingers Cat Executive Decision Maker which has been inspired by the thought experiment of Erwin Schrodinger. The Decision Maker helps you make a decision in a „Yes“ or „No“ kind of manner. You just ask yourself a question and then you open the cover of the box. If the cat is in a dead state, it equates to a „No“. If the cat is alive it is a „Yes“. Of course the Decision Maker does not come with real cats but a color copy of this animal.

Gifts For Nerds Schrodingers Cat

Schrodingers Cat Executive Decision Maker

9th Place

The 9th place goes over to the Harry Potter House Robe, it will make any Harry Potter nerd smile. The robe is made of a 100% polyester and a stitched down hood. It does not matter which Hogwarts house your nerd fan preferes, with the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin design versions you’ll suit any taste.

Gifts For Nerds Harry Potter Bathrobe

Harry Potter House Robe

8th Place

Number 8 goes to the Marvel Legends Captain America Shield. The 24 inch shield will make any nerd feel like he is Captain America. The shield is made of high-quality hard plastic and has two mounted buckles on the back. That way the shield can hold the skinny geek arms.

Gifts For Nerds Captain America Shield

Marvel Legends Captain America Shield

7th Place

The 7th place goes over to the Jack Rack Guitar Amp Keychain which perfectly suits guitar music nerds. In the distribution package you’ll also find an 8 ” x3 ” x1,5 ” Mini Amp that has four additional key holders. Also, there are four additional keys that belong to the holder and which you can assemble to the respective key ring. Those on the other hand can securely be put into the Amp Box so that you can ensure grip. This keychain brings a Rock n Roll feeling to any guitar geek.

Gifts For Nerds Amp Keyholder

Jack Rack Guitar Amp Keychain

6th Place

Coming in at number 6, it’s the SUCK UK Rocket Salt and Pepper Mill. It comes as a salt and pepper grinder in a geekish rocket design. The 14 ” grinder has been processed with massive buchholz which ensures a safe grip. The grinding degree is adjustable, thanks to the ceramic machanism. The grinding results from manual rotary motion.

Gifts For Nerds Salt And Pepper Mill

SUCK UK Rocket Salt and Pepper Mill

5th Place

The 5th place had to be taken by the Beastgrip Pro + Wide Angle Lens Bundle, a professional camera attachment for any current smartphone. Thanks to the modular designs, this device can be used as a simple stand mount or as a camera rig. The included wide-angle and fish eye lens provide a high-quality recording. Additionally, the accessory shoe holder offers enough space for an external microphone. Video geeks will experience pure entertainment.

Gifts For Nerds Beastgrip Pro

Beastgrip Pro + Wide Angle Lens Bundle

4th Place

As for the 4th place, we want to present to you the Stormtrooper Deluxe Adult Costum – a nice gift for any Star Wars geek. The costume comes in the sizes S, M, L and X-Large. Furthermore, the costume is made of a 100% polyester so that not only the big but also the skinny nerds can dress up in this costume.

Gifts For Nerds Stormtropper Costume

Stormtrooper Deluxe Adult Costum

3rd Place

The Uranium Ore has taken over the 3rd place. This right here is actual uran but only available in a small dose. The actual purpose of this product is to serve as a test object for Geiger counter. Also, the ore is the perfect gift for any chemistry or physics nerd. To protect yourself from radiation, the ore is enclosed by a metal casket.

Gifts For Nerds Uranium Ore

Uranium Ore

2nd Place

We decided to give the 2nd place over to the evergreen nerd gift My Arcade Retro Machine Handheld Gaming System. The Arcade Machine includes 200 Arcade Game Classics such as X-Racing, Crystal Blast, Lightning, Toy Factory, Ghost Castle, MotoBoat, X-Racing, EscapeWay or Bug Catcher. The steering of these games works through the integrated Joystick and the Button Controllers. AA batteries are needed for the power supply. Thanks to the handy formats, the Mini Arcade Machine can be carried everywhere you go. Spread the retro game fun!

Gifts For Nerds Retro Machine

My Arcade Retro Machine Handheld Gaming System

1st Place

The Computer Kit by Piper deserved the leading position in the category gifts for nerds. It is an evergreen gift for computer handicraft enthusiasts. The kit has been implemented in handmade wood case and consists of HD LCD display, a Raspberry Pi 3 Project Board 1 GB RAM / 1200 MHz Quad­Core CPU and an included Wi-Fi module. Thanks to the open entry, any hardware module can be connected to additional ports in next to no time. That way it feels like you’d be building your computer in a mini format. The product was initially planned to be made for kids so that they would learn the functionality of a computer in a playful manner. Of course, older nerds also qualify for this PC as the perfect gift.

Gifts For Nerds Piper Computer Kit

Computer Kit by Piper

Gifts For Nerds Video